Introductory climbs
Touch The Sky can come to your location (a favorite tree in your backyard perhaps) or we can bring you to one of the special old growth trees we climb often. We provide all the necessary climbing equipment and safety gear to offer you a unique glimpse into the world of technical recreational tree climbing. Everyone is tied in at all times in a harness, and climbs at their own pace and comfort level.
1-6 climbers. 2hrs. call for rates

Guided climbs
A great date idea. This is a more intense experience that takes 4-5 hours. Your guide will tie all the knots and rig all the safety gear to provide an opportunity for the climber to move about the tree, walk out on branches, find that comfortable perch to relax or meditate, and ascend to the top for that bird's eye view. The guided climb also gives much insight to the tools and techniques that students learn in the basic tree climbing course. 2 climbers max. 1/2 day, call for rates.

Tree top Camping
This is a unique chance to experience trees and camping like never before. Who says hammocks are only meant to hang close to the ground! But the hammocks used in trees are called tree boats, and are compltely safe and secure. We can accommodate you, and three climbing friends on an overnight adventure that will change the way you look at trees forever. To start with, you will be given instruction in the basic methods of ascending and descending and moving about in the tree until you are comfortable and proficient. Once you acquire the basic skills, we ascend to the canopy before dark to settle into the treeboats. These specialized hammocks are suspended at all 4 corners, unlike a backyard hammock, and make for a very stable secure platform for sleeping. Just as with climbing, you remain tied in at all times throughout the night. Once you settle in, it's time to break out the dinner you have packed, and allow yourself to fall into the rhythm all climbers come to know as tree time. This is where the energy of the tree seems to take over, and time seems to stand still. This is an amazing phenomenon that has to be experienced to be believed.
As night takes over, your senses become aware of the nocturnal world that lives in the treetops. After waking at sunrise, and enjoying a breakfast in the tree, you will have more time to climb and explore before ending the adventure by noon. Canopy camping makes for a very romantic date.
Allow 24hrs. for the entire trip starting at noon on the first day. Call for rates.

It is not so much for its beauty that the forest makes a claim upon men's hearts, as for that subtle something, that quality of air,
that emanation from old trees, that so wonderfully changes and renews a weary spirit. - Robert Louis Stevenson

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